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I have this xsd which is kind of bad, but I have to use it to avoid changing the interface of the servlet I’m writing. The xsd for the request-response interface contains the following lines:

<xs:complexType name=”Foo”>
    <xs:sequence minOccurs=”0” maxOccurs=”unbounded”>
        <xs:element name=”Foo”>

Notice the name clash. When I use the maven-jaxb-plugin to generate classes from this schema I end up with:

Public class Foo {

   public List<Foo.Foo> getFoo() {


   public static class Foo {

This fails to compile, of course, since it’s not permitted to use the same name on the nested class and the enclosing class. What can I do to solve this, without changing the xsd? I know you can override name by adding tags for jaxb in the xsd. Is it safe to do that? Will it have an impact on the interface of the service?

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You can use an external binding file to customize the generated class names. For an example see:

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Awesome! This did the trick. Worth noting is that if you name it with the .xjb extension, maven-jaxb-plugin will automatically take into consideration when generating the classes from the .xsd. – Martin Hardselius Sep 6 '12 at 12:50

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