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I have an array done with values from some radio buttons, say myArray = ["1","40","35"];

every value has his counterparts, say for instance 1 = "men", 2 = "women", 40 = "red hairs".

what's the best method to build another array where every values gets his counterpart?

so something like that myBrandNewArray = ["men","red hairs", …];

I should store my couples into variables for some maintenance, like

var "1" = "men", "2" = "women", … ; 

but I don't know if this is a good approach…

ps. even pointing me to some resources will be great. Thank you.

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"1" = "men" or men = "1" ....? – DemoUser Sep 6 '12 at 10:26
the first one, my array is populated with strings of numbers – Daniele Sep 6 '12 at 10:28

I would keep a Hash of values hash = { '1': 'Men', '2': 'Women' ... }

Then [ '1', '2', ... ].map( function(v) { return hash[v]; } );

IE9- will not accpet this, in this case you could just iterate in a for loop

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Why don't you use an object as associative array?

var array = new Object();
array["1"] = "men"
array["40"] = "red hairs"
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You can create an object like:

var arr = { '1' : 'men', '2' : 'women' }

You can always access this easily like : arr['1'] == 'men'

if you want to create from existing arrays:

say myArray & myBrandNewArray

you can do something like

var arr = {};
foreach ( var i in myArray ) {
  arr[myArray[i]] = myBrandNewArray[i];
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But with this don't I associate them by index? For instance I may or may not have "1" in 0 position, or have it at all… just curious didn't try it yet… – Daniele Sep 6 '12 at 11:11
yeah!! right but then you'll need to explicitly set them beyond the constructs of looping. – user1590083 Sep 6 '12 at 11:19

i think this function

myArray = ["1","40","35"];
myBrandNewArray ={  /* your code to get the right array 8/ })


there is also a jQuery (cross browser) version of this function, for more details about that look here, function(value, index){ /*....*/ })

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Use an object:

var val = {
    1: "men",
    40: "red hairs"   



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well, finally I did this:


var numericalArray = ["1","50","45", …]; 


var couples = { "50" : "homme",     
            "1" : "femme",
            "85" : "court",     

I can call this and get a new array with coupled values:

function assignValues(numericalArray) {

var verbalArray = [];

for (var i=0; i<numericalArray.length; i++) {

    var value = numericalArray[i];

    verbalArray.push(couples[value]);  // right, I can't check if the values exists


console.log('here my new array:', verbalArray);


thanks to have me pointed on use of an object.

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