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I'm trying to overlay an image with some text using PyObjC, while striving to answer my question, "Annotate images using tools built into OS X". By referencing CocoaMagic, a RubyObjC replacement for RMagick, I've come up with this:

#!/usr/bin/env python

from AppKit import *

source_image = "/Library/Desktop Pictures/Nature/Aurora.jpg"
final_image = "/Library/Desktop Pictures/.loginwindow.jpg"
font_name = "Arial"
font_size = 76
message = "My Message Here"

app = NSApplication.sharedApplication()  # remove some warnings

# read in an image
image = NSImage.alloc().initWithContentsOfFile_(source_image)

# prepare some text attributes
text_attributes = NSMutableDictionary.alloc().init()
font = NSFont.fontWithName_size_(font_name, font_size)
text_attributes.setObject_forKey_(font, NSFontAttributeName)
text_attributes.setObject_forKey_(NSColor.blackColor, NSForegroundColorAttributeName)

# output our message
message_string = NSString.stringWithString_(message)
size = message_string.sizeWithAttributes_(text_attributes)
point = NSMakePoint(400, 400)
message_string.drawAtPoint_withAttributes_(point, text_attributes)

# write the file
bits = NSBitmapImageRep.alloc().initWithData_(image.TIFFRepresentation)
data = bits.representationUsingType_properties_(NSJPGFileType, nil)
data.writeToFile_atomically_(final_image, false)

When I run it, I get this:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/Users/clinton/Work/Problems/TellAtAGlance/", line 24, in <module>
    message_string.drawAtPoint_withAttributes_(point, text_attributes)
ValueError: NSInvalidArgumentException - Class OC_PythonObject: no such selector: set

Looking in the docs for drawAtPoint:withAttributes:, it says, "You should only invoke this method when an NSView has focus." NSImage is not a subclass of NSView, but I would hope this would work, and something very similar seems to work in the Ruby example.

What do I need to change to make this work?

I rewrote the code, converting it faithfully, line for line, into an Objective-C Foundation tool. It works, without problems. [I would be happy to post if here if there is a reason to do so.]

The question then becomes, how does:

[message_string drawAtPoint:point withAttributes:text_attributes];

differ from

message_string.drawAtPoint_withAttributes_(point, text_attributes)

? Is there a way to tell which "OC_PythonObject" is raising the NSInvalidArgumentException?

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Here are the problems in the above code:

text_attributes.setObject_forKey_(NSColor.blackColor, NSForegroundColorAttributeName)
text_attributes.setObject_forKey_(NSColor.blackColor(), NSForegroundColorAttributeName)

bits = NSBitmapImageRep.alloc().initWithData_(image.TIFFRepresentation)
data = bits.representationUsingType_properties_(NSJPGFileType, nil)
bits = NSBitmapImageRep.imageRepWithData_(image.TIFFRepresentation())
data = bits.representationUsingType_properties_(NSJPEGFileType, None)

Minor typos indeed.

Note that the middle portion of the code can be replaced with this more-readable variant:

# prepare some text attributes
text_attributes = { 
    NSFontAttributeName : NSFont.fontWithName_size_(font_name, font_size),
    NSForegroundColorAttributeName : NSColor.blackColor() 

# output our message 
NSString.drawAtPoint_withAttributes_(message, (400, 400), text_attributes)

I learned this by looking at the source code to NodeBox, the twelve lines of and, particularly the save and _getImageData methods.

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