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I have a Tomahawk inputCalender like this:

<t:inputCalendar value="#{overviewBean.dateFrom}" id="date-From" 
                renderAsPopup="true" popupDateFormat="dd MMM yyyy"
                popupTodayDateFormat="dd MMM yyyy" popupWeekString="Week"
                renderPopupButtonAsImage="true" forceId="true" alt="Calendar"
                title="Calendar" monthYearRowClass="yearRowStyle"
                weekRowClass="weekRowStyle" maxlength="15"
                currentDayCellClass="selectedDayCellStyle" />

I can select a date from the popup calender and this date will be shown in the textbox from the calender.

No I have the problem that if I click again on the calender button to open the popup the date which is shown there is the date from today and not the date within the textbox.


Edit: I found the solution myself. The problem is the popupDateFormat="dd MMM yyyy" attribute. If I change it to popupDateFormat="dd.MM.yyyy" it works fine. It looks like there is a problem with the "MMM" in the date format.

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I think the format you specify here should be valid Java date format.For more info on this visit… – Krsna Chaitanya Sep 21 '12 at 18:26

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