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I have the following page:


I want to add the "Go to App button", like this Page has:


How do I do this?

My current settings:

Basic Info
Display Name: LetsMapp

Namespace: letsmapp

Contact Email: mb@conchain.com

App Domains: letsmapp.com

Category: Communication

Hosting URL: You have not generated a URL through one of our partners (Get one)
Sandbox Mode: Disabled

Select how your app integrates with Facebook
Website with Facebook Login
Site URL: http://letsmapp.com/

App on Facebook
Canvas Page: http://apps.facebook.com/letsmapp
Canvas URL: http://letsmapp.com/canvas/
Secure Canvas URL: https://letsmapp.com/canvas/
Bookmark URL:

Canvas Width: Fixed (760px)
Canvas Height: Fluid

Native iOS App
iOS Bundle ID: conchain
iPhone App Store ID: 483192608
iPad App Store ID: 0

Configured for iOS SSO: Enabled
iOS Native Deep Linking: Enabled
URL Scheme Suffix:

Page Tab
Page Tab Name: LetsMapp
Page Tab URL: http://letsmapp.com/canvas/
Secure Page Tab URL: https://letsmapp.com/canvas/
Page Tab Edit URL:
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To have "Go to App" button on your Facebook Page your associated application need Site/Canvas URL to be specified in settings.

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Where do I set this? My current settings are in my first post. –  Mariusz B. Sep 18 '12 at 23:50
@MariuszB. Choose the desired page as associated to application in application settings (App Page field of App Details section)\ –  Juicy Scripter Sep 19 '12 at 7:13

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