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This is to avoid misconceptions in my mind. Please correct the first one and answer second.

  1. As I know for a simple program in java, a compiler compiles the source code to a Byte code which is interpreted by a virtual machine at run time. Byte code can be understood only by JVM not by native machine. JIT compiler can convert the Bytecode dynamically to native Machine code which can be run by OS as a process. For a program, what is the process of execution and intermediate files on android.? Which language programs can be converted to android native files(.dex..?)?

  2. Can JDK be installed on Android.? or atleast JVM.? Is there any android browser which can have Java run time plug in.? I have few applets on my site. I am unable to open them in android. Are there any android version of applets.?
    Thanks in advance.

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Programs are commonly written in a dialect of Java and compiled to bytecode. Then they are converted from Java Virtual Machine-compatible .class files to Dalvik-compatible .dex (Dalvik Executable) files before installation on a device.

Read Dalvik (software)

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Check Dalvik Machine's Web Site and this Wikipedia page for more info.

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