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package require Tk
package require Tablelist

    ::tablelist::tablelist .tbl \
            -columns "0 A center 0 B center 0 C center" \
            -stretch all \
            -showseparators 1 

pack .tbl -side top -fill both -expand yes

.tbl insert end ""

proc createWindow {tbl row col w} {
    button $w -text OK

.tbl cellconfigure 0,1 -window createWindow

How to make a red border around OK button. I want it to be expanded in whole cell. Something like this enter image description here

Button isn't necessary. Red border is needed to highlight errors in cells.

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The simplest way is to put the button (or whatever contained widget you want) inside a frame widget that you stick to the walls of the cell. You then make the frame show the red border by configuring it to have -highlightthickness 1 -highlightbackground red -highlightcolor red, which will put a solid red 1-pixel-wide border on the frame (frames default to having an invisible focus highlight ring, but we repurpose it here; you can't use a -relief solid standard border because those use a fixed color). You might also need to adjust the padding on the contained widget.

I think you make a widget expand within its tablelist cell by specifying -stretchwindow 1 as an option to the cellconfigure option, but I've not tried that. (The documentation is slightly unspecific about this in a curiously detailed way; you might need to ask the author of tablelist if you're having problems getting it to work.)

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Thanks for reply but I use tablelist version 4.8 and it hasn't -stretchwindow cell configuration option. Is there any other way for expanding window in cell? I think in createWindow proc $w frame is already packed, how can I pack it manually? –  Ashot Sep 7 '12 at 10:54

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