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I would like to set the List to null in jstl but the <c:remove> tag i used throws


What is the proper syntax to set the list to null?

Thanks in advance

<c:if test="${ not empty recList }">
        <c:forEach items="${ recList }" var="charge">
                <td>${ charge.value }</td><td>${ charge.name }</td><td>${ charge.description }</td>
    <c:remove var="${ recList }" scope="session"/>  
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The var attribute in c:remove is the name of the variable, it shouldn't be an EL expression.

 <c:remove var="recList"/>

See http://www.tutorialspoint.com/jsp/jstl_core_remove_tag.htm

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you should use like this
<c:remove var="recList"/> not with the Expression

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