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I am trying to Mock SqlConnection, which essentially is IDbConnection.

For that I prepare my mock for my test:

var dbConnectionMock = new Mock<IDbConnection>();

dbConnectionMock.Setup(x => x.CreateCommand()).Returns(new SqlCommand());

var repository = new XxxRepository(dbConnectionMock.Object);

The Constructor of the repository sets this property:

private IDbConnection Connection { get; set; }

And then Connection is used when calling the Db.

var command = Connection.CreateCommand();

command.Connection = Connection; // here it fails, because Connection is the proxy type of IDbConnection, IDbConnectionProxy.

How can I avoid the use of the proxy?

All I wanna test is that command.ExecuteNonQuery() was called.

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either abstract within your own object, or use an actual connection. trying to mock is more trouble than it's worth. – Jason Meckley Sep 6 '12 at 12:43

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Problem might be the use of SqlConnection, as its Connection property is of SqlConnection type. Try to return mocked IDbCommand instead:

var dbCommandMock = new Mock<IDbCommand>();
dbCommandMock.Setup(dbc => dbc.ExecuteNonQuery());
dbConnectionMock.Setup(dbc => dbc.CreateCommand()).Returns(dbCommandMock.Object);

// ...

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