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I need to update multipul feilds in a single column based on a search in a different column.

This is what I have so far which is not even close I know :(

SELECT *  FROM `news` WHERE `email` = 'test@hotmail.com', 'cyberc@gmail.com', 'trevor@live.com'

I need to search for all reqired emails and update the fleild in column called profile_4

Any advise is very much appreciated.


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You can use IN operator:

SELECT *  FROM `news`
WHERE `email` IN ('test@hotmail.com', 'cyberc@gmail.com', 'trevor@live.com');

For update use:

UPDATE `news` SET `profile_4`=%your_value_here% 
WHERE `email` IN ('test@hotmail.com', 'cyberc@gmail.com', 'trevor@live.com');
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Perfect, thanks!! –  Cybercampbell Sep 6 '12 at 12:33

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