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I have our Test Projects referncing to NUnit Framework "" Getting the following error

Detected a probable test framework assembly version mismatch. 
Referenced test frameworks: 'nunit.framework, Version=, Culture=neutral,         
Supported test frameworks: 'nunit.framework, Version=    2.5.65535.65535', 'nunit.framework, Version='.
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This is not really a sonar issue. You have configured sonar to use a version of gallio that is not compatible with nunit 2.6.4 . You have two options. You can try to find another version of gallio that comes with nunit 2.6.4 or you can change your C# project in order to use nunit 2.5.4 instead of nunit 2.6.4 . The second solution is probably the easier one if you are not using advanced nunit features.

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