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We're two developers working on a website. I've been through the progit book but I'm battling to understand what would be the correct workflow and setup for us. We would like the production and staging servers to be automatically updated when we do the relevant commits. Any advice on how we could optimize this workflow or if we are doing anything wrong would be greatly appreciated. My current thoughts are below:

Local workstations

local repo branches

  • master (development) tracking origin/master
  • production tracking origin/production


  1. General development is done by branching off master and merging changes back in.
  2. When ready to share updates with partner and test on live web server, push master to origin.
  3. When testing is complete on web server, merge master into production and push production to origin.

Web server (origin)

  • Bare repo with master and production branches.
  • 2 virtual servers, one for staging other for production.
  • The doc root for each virtual server is a git repo which pulls from the bare repo on the same server.
  • The bare repo has a post commit hook that detects which branch has been commited to. If the master branch is commited, a git pull origin/master is done from the staging virtual server doc root. If production branch is commited, a git pull origin/production is
    done from the production virtual server doc root.
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Just a side note: The number of times I see people put a word in parentheses after the word "master" is very very high. "Master" is the default name for the first branch, but you're not stuck with it. I pretty much always rename it to something meaningful. Most of my actual working repos don't HAVE a branch named "master". If it's development, name it "development". –  Dan Ray Sep 6 '12 at 13:39
@DanRay - Great point, I didn't realize master could be renamed. Cheers! –  Michelle Sep 6 '12 at 17:17

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In accordance with a successful git branching model by nvie.com, we branch off devel and have master as production branch.

Additionally, we hooked into post-update to trigger deploy and building of docs, which then happens deferredly (publish/subscribe via XMPP).

Otherwise it's really the same and looks pretty sensible to me.

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