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I'm using a List to bind to a dataGridView. I'd like the user to be able to add a new row.

I've tried using a BindingList and a BindingSource.

Here's my binding (not including the combo box column I add to the datagridview before adding a datasource:

binding = new BindingSource();
binding.DataSource= _Rows;
_dg.DataSource = binding;

Here's the code that fills _Rows

protected override List<BusinessApp> getRows(DataGridViewManager manager)
		var dc = manager.dc.DcHerb;
		return (from p in dc.apps
				where p.zQueueId == this.ZQueueId
				select p)

Here's what I'm trying to get a new row. No exception occurs, but the dataGridView doesn't appear to change at all, even though _Rows count goes from 68 to 69

private void newRow()

		_Rows.Add(new BusinessApp(_manager.dc.DcHerb, new app() {acaps="1234"  }));

		//_dg.DataSource = binding; //tried rebinding here
		//_dg.DataSource = _Rows;
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How/When is newRow called? –  ahsteele Aug 4 '09 at 21:30
When the user goes to the file menu and clicks New –  Maslow Aug 5 '09 at 12:53

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I would as if you have any foreign key bind to the other table or not, if yes, you may assign a key to the new added row and the datagrid will show the current new added row. Otherwise you may also missing the code datagrid.EndEdit()

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How about invoking "AddNew()" method on your "binding" member variable that you have defined already?

// and set the needed columns...
((binding.Current.Row) as <yourTypedDataTableRow>).<columnName> = <someValue>;
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