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i have a template with list of input-elements. their value is the title-element of an document. The input-elemnts have an keyup-event, so that when i wrote in the input-element, the title will updated. when i focus the input-elemnt, the Session-variable selectedDoc is set with the id of the document. until then it works. In another template i have a following function:

Template.content.isSelected = function () {
 return !Session.equals("selectedDoc",null) ? 'small' : ''; 

When i used the function above in my code, the following error occurs. when i focus an input-element and write something, after the first letter the the focus disappeared. the error occurs only by the first time, i focus an input-element.

what am I doing wrong? with Version 0.3.9 everything worked well.


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What am I doing wrong?

You're not following Meteor or reading the changelog, so you haven't noticed the API changes.

If you read them, especially Spark, and adapt your code accordingly; your code will work on 0.4.

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I have read the documentation and use the template preserve-function as follows: Template.name.preserve({ 'input[id]': function (node) { return node.id; } }); –  user1651906 Sep 7 '12 at 11:33

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