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I have an application built with PhoneGap, and I want to send it to my clients with an elegant interface and get feedback. I have used testflight before for iOS, but it is not available for Android or BlackBerry.

I installed HockeyKit on my server. The alpha version of HockeyKit supports Android but there are a lot of files to upload and organize.

Is there any solution that can handle all three platforms - iOS, Android and BlackBerry?

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Thanks for quoting PhoneGap! Does it actually work? Could you (and how would you implement a service that uses Bluetooth, the microphone and the accelerometer using PhoneGap? –  Radu Sep 8 '12 at 19:11
I doesn't use that functionalitys, sorry i cant help you for this but you refer to documentation at : docs.phonegap.com –  Red Mak Sep 9 '12 at 1:56

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AppBlade supports all three of the platforms you are looking for. To be honest I have only used them for Android, but it worked pretty well for that. I also got some great support from their engineers when I had questions and they also seemed to be fairly responsive to feature requests.

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Thank you, i test it in an ios test application and it look better then testFlightapp ( i don't test the sdk of both ). It's not free :( but it my only choice for now. –  Red Mak Sep 19 '12 at 15:46
Rumor has it they may have some pricing changes soon to be more competitive in the freemium space. –  MikeJ Apr 1 at 2:27

Knappsack sounds like it might fit the bill. It's a mobile application management platform that allows over the air installation of your apps and fine grained control of the users that have access to said apps. It's open source, so you can install it on your own server, but there is also a free tier that may suit your needs.

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looks good think you verry much . –  Red Mak Oct 15 '12 at 9:41

Can try HockeyApp, but it does not work with Blackberry. It is the best analog testflight.

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