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I have this markup:

<div id="imagedisplay">
    <div class="slider_item active"></div>
    <div class="slider_item"></div>
    <div class="slider_item"></div>
    <div class="slider_item last"></div>

and this script

}, 5000);

How do I make this loop in the best way? Right now the last image just fades out, without the first image fading in again.

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Check if nextItem has items and if not set it back to the first:

var nextItem = $('.slider_item.active')

if (nextItem.length === 0) {
   nextItem = $('.slider_item').first();


Here's an example: jsFiddle

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Thank you - I could easily modify this, in the way that I wanted :) –  afcdesign Sep 6 '12 at 14:28
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Demo: http://jsfiddle.net/gdS8Q/2/

var cur = 0;
var count = $('.slider_item').length;


setInterval(function() {    
    $('.slider_item').eq(cur).fadeOut(function () {
        cur = (cur + 1) % count;
}, 2000);​
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It works - the only problem is that it fades out the previous image before fading in the next, making the image slider flash alot. Can this be made different? –  afcdesign Sep 6 '12 at 13:54
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I actually just wrote a plugin for this and it's pretty readable so you can probably understand by just looking at it.

Github repo - https://github.com/joshbedo/fullPageSlider/blob/master/fullpagesliderV2.js

Some of the functionality for arrows is still being worked on to be more dynamic but it works here is an example as well. I'm sliding html but you can easily just add a .slide-panel class with images inside.

In action http://strikingalchemy.publishpath.com/portfolio

EDIT: They edited the script so it doesn't have a setInterval loop the original on github has a interval loop once the user clicks the arrow and is interested to see more. Easily changeable if you want it to loop on load.. I just didn't want to use extra resources when the user wasn't interested. Going to put an example on github later after work.

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I'm not learning anything from using plugins - but thank you anyway :) –  afcdesign Sep 6 '12 at 14:29
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