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i have more than 1 live change that monitors the input and replicates into another field - works great on the first name but any other field after that does not work for some reason.... anyone got any ideas?

$("input#same_shipping_address_first_name").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_last_name").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_address_line_1").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_address_line_2").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_address_line_3").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_town_city").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_county").live('change', function() {
$("input#same_billing_address_postcode").live('change', function() {
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It appears that you'd want to add the live listener to same_shipping_address_last_name, rather than same_billing_address_last_name, as it currently is.

Right now, you're just overwriting the value of a input whenever that input changes. In your first_name example, you're overwriting the value of another input when the input changes, which makes more sense.

You could probably address all of these inputs with just one listener, though. If you add the shipping class to the first set of inputs, for instance:

$(".shipping").live('change', function() {
    var billingId = $(this).attr('id').replace('_shipping_','_billing_');
    $('#' + billingId).val($(this).val());

You could of course do something like this without the class as well:

$('input[name^="same_shipping_address"]').live('change', function() { ... });

As others have pointed out, use .on or .delegate (depending on jQuery version) over .live.

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I think this.id would also work in place of $(this).attr('id') but +1 as I was thinking the exact same solution –  andyb Sep 6 '12 at 13:44
thanks worked a treat, had to use live as lower version being used but all the same works as expected - thanks –  James Brandon Sep 6 '12 at 13:55

It doesn't work for the successive ones because the first selector is same_billing_x where it should be same_shipping_x.

Also, the use of live() should be avoided. If you are using jQuery 1.7+ you should use on(), otherwise delegate(). Here's a modified example:

$("form").delegate('#same_shipping_address_first_name', 'change', function(){ 
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try using :

$("input#same_shipping_address_first_name").on('change', function(){
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