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This is my first attempt at building an RPM and I'm finding it a bit confusing, not really getting the different variables at all yet, so would appreciate any advice on the below..

I have the following spec file:

BuildRoot       : /home/dm40477/rpmbuild/BUILD

Package to deploy PROD Support scripts


zcat ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/ITRS.tar.gz | tar -xvf -




It creates the rpm file ok, but when I go to install it on target server, it installs in /bin and /etc

The source file is gziped tar file in the below dir structure which I would like to keep except install it in the folder /var/opt

  1. How can I set the install path in the spec file?
  2. Do I need to make the dirs to keep the structure, or will it automatically keep that structure?

Any hel appreciated.



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sets a variable, RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX, to /var/opt


doesn't reference that variable.

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It shouldn't refer to RPM_INSTALL_PREFIX though, I think its meant to refer to the files in the build folder - this section is just to show a list of the files which should be contained in the build – user983597 Sep 6 '12 at 14:03

BuildRoot : /home/dm40477/rpmbuild/BUILD is ignored now.

try this...

make a file in your homedirectory called .rpmmacros with content like this...

%_topdir /home/builder/rpmbuild

make sure to use fakeroot to do your building.

cd to /home/builder/rpmbuild and run your rpmbuild command.

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