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Im a beginner in Android and I have the following Problem:

I've created a TabHost within two tabs: activity A and activity B.

Activity A consists of a linear Layout with dynamically added checkboxes:

Activity A:

1[ ] 
2[ ] 
4[ ] 

Activity B consists of an empty linear Layout.

Now I want the checked checkboxes from activity A to be added in activity B:

Activity B:


These checkboxes should disappear if they were unchecked...

Activity B: empty again.

What technique should be used to do something like that?

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The easiest way to pass information from one ACtivity to another is usually by passing a bundle (sounds like it fits your case). You can pass the strings or numbers of the selected boxes from A to be (here is an explanation of passing bundles) then in be add those check boxes according to the bundle.

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Thanks! I think this could be the solution for my Problem. Can you give me a short example in code? Now I know how to get Strings or Ints but how can I get the checkbox View from this data? – macher Sep 6 '12 at 15:28
It is not very practical to pass a whole view. I don't know your demands but I would say pass the views titles to the next activity and then rebuild the check boxes based on number of titles – MikeIsrael Sep 7 '12 at 11:02

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