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Does anyone knows how to make a widget fills automatically all the available space in a HeaderGroupConfig component with GXT3 ? Here is my problem :

I have a grid in which I have implemented a StoreFilterField that I have placed into a HeaderGroupConfig, so that the filter field appears at the top of the column header.

Here is the relevant piece of code :

    // -- Store
    ListStore<MyItem> store = new ListStore<MyItem>(new ModelKeyProvider<MyItem>() {
        public String getKey(MyItem item) {
            return item.getKey();

    // -- Model
    List<ColumnConfig<MyItem, ?>> columns = new ArrayList<ColumnConfig<MyItem, ?>>();
    // ... add columns to 'columns' list
    ColumnModel<MyItem> cm = new ColumnModel<MyItem>(columns)

    // -- other initialisations ...

    // -- Filter in header
    StoreFilterField<MyItem> filter = new StoreFilterField<MyItem>() {
        protected boolean doSelect(Store<MyItem> store, MyItem parent, MyItem item, String filter) {
            if (aCondition)){
                return true;
            return false;
    final HeaderGroupConfig headerConfig = new HeaderGroupConfig(filter, 1, 1);
    cm.addHeaderGroup(0, 0, headerConfig);

By default the StoreFilterField is centered and bigger than the column it is embedded in. I succeeded in aligning it to the left and set it to a specified size :


But I don't know how to make it grows according the column size. I tried to tweak the css directly, with no success. Here's a picture with two filters (one has a width set, the other has a default size) :

enter image description here

Hope this is clear. Thanks for any help you could provide on this issue.

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have you tried: filter.setWidth("100%")? –  Eliran Malka Sep 7 '12 at 17:16
Yes, but it had no effect :-(. I also tried to 'getElement()' and tweak the style with ("width:100%") with not much success. Thank you for your interest though. –  Yanflea Sep 7 '12 at 17:52

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