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I've got this error while compiling a big c# solution in Visual Studio 2010. Each time after compilation I had to delete obj folder of one the projects used by this solution. Otherwise I got the following error:

Could not write to output file '...\obj\Debug\Foo.Bar.dll'
The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process

I've was looking for a solution all over the Internet and actually found/tried few of them. For example a lot of people on dev forums were suggesting not to start the compilation while UserControl (in some other sources From) designer is opened. Some other people used pre-build scripts for obj folder removal, this particular solution is acceptable, but if the issued project is a widely used library its recompilation will cause recompilation of "parent" projects.

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Finally I've discovered a solution for this VS2010 (SP1 too) "bug" and I want to share it with stackoverflow users.

In my case the problem was that csproj file was SELF-REFERENCING the locked '...\obj\Debug\Foo.Bar.dll' file. Crazy I know. So I solved this annoying issue by removing the following line from .csproj file:

<Reference Include="Foo.Bar">
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You should accept this as the answer to your question. –  Bernard Sep 6 '12 at 13:52
@Bernard I know, but with my rating.. I can't. cit. "You can accept your own answer in 2 days" Anyway I will do it, I know the rules :D –  Salaros Sep 6 '12 at 14:01
I was thinking of filling a bug for this issue, but since VS12 is already out Microsoft guys will probably mark it as "won't fix" :D Oh, have your guys checked if VS12 (mis)behaves in the same way? –  Salaros Sep 20 '12 at 14:48
this worked for me :) –  Martin Feb 14 '13 at 16:00
Just had same problem with VS2012 and this fixed it following a full rebuild. It was definitely related to the use of custom user controls but not sure exactly which aspect. –  shakinfree May 29 '13 at 12:24

I initially found another solution to the problem as VS seems to lock the assembly in the obj\debug folder. I added a pre-build script to the project which fixed my problem.

del "$(ProjectDir)obj\*.*" /S /F /Q

After seeing the answer given by Salaros, that was indeed the problem. I created a new usercontrol that uses a Server control from another project. For some reason VS sometimes creates a self-references to itself when you view the usercontrol in design mode. Even removing the self-reference fixes it until VS thinks its time to add the reference again. Haven't found an exact pattern for that part.

PS: I'm using vs2012

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please read my original question: "[talking about your solution]...this particular solution is acceptable, but if the issued project is a widely used library, its recompilation will cause recompilation of "parent" projects." this slows down debug dramatically –  Salaros Sep 19 '12 at 14:48

this problem happened with me when I :

open visual studio run debug go to c: and use system cleanup

try to build again ,...

You will find this error

Solution : close visual studio make system cleanup restart computer open visual studio as administrator choose project clean rebuild

It will work

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