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I am trying to design a interface of an app, and i would only like to allow the user to press a UIButton once to get the result. Is there any way i can lock the button after the button is pressed? And release the lock only when another button is pressed?


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You can set the button to be disabled once it is clicked:

- (IBAction)clicked:(id)sender {
    //See all buttons enabled
    //Try a loop or manually

    ((UIButton *)sender).enabled = NO;
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Of course you can. Just use the property enabled of the UIButton. When the user presses it, set enabled to NO: [myButton setEnabled:NO];, and set YES when you need enable it again later.

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Just disable the Uibutton when your selector method for the button is called. as in [aButton setEnabled:False];, and when the user taps the other button reenable the first one and disable the second one as in [bButton setEnabled:False] and [aButton setEnabled:True],

hope it helps.

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You need to have a reference to the first pressed button.. on the next press you can enable the old one and disable the new one

Button *disabledButton;
- (IBAction)clicked:(id)sender {        
   if (disabledButton)
     disabledButton.enabled = YES;

   disabledButton = ((UIButton *)sender);
   disabledButton.enabled = NO;
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