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I need to grab (within the C# driver for MongoDB) a list of all the config servers connected to my instance of Mongo-s. Or, failing that, I would settle for a way to grab ALL the servers and a way to go through them one by one telling which are configsvr and which are something else. I was thinking of the getShardMap command, but I still have no idea how to look at a server (programmatically) and decide if it's a configsvr or not.


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mongos> db.runCommand("getShardMap")
    "map" : {
        "node2:27021" : "node2:27021",
        "node3:27021" : "node3:27021",
        "node4:27021" : "node4:27021",
        "config" : "node2:27019,node3:27019,node4:27019",
        "shard0000" : "node2:27021",
        "shard0001" : "node3:27021",
        "shard0002" : "node4:27021"
    "ok" : 1

getShardMap command gives the config string that is passed to mongos server. You can parse the string to get the list of config servers.

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The only way I can think of to get this info is to run the getCmdLineOpts command on a mongos and look at the --configdb argument it was passed. I'm not sure how you run admin commands in the C# driver, but I'd imagine it's something like:

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