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hello am trying to get images from an album from picasa in an android app. I tried creating an album and the album was created successfully however there is something wrong when i try to get the images in the album. Please find below my code:

PicasawebService myService = new PicasawebService("myApp");
myService.setUserCredentials("username", "password");
URL url = new URL ("");
AlbumFeed  feed= myService.getFeed(url, AlbumFeed.class);
List<MediaContent> l;
for(PhotoEntry photo : feed.getPhotoEntries()){
l= photo.getMediaContents();
return l.get(0).getUrl().toString();

the for loop is not being entered but when i check the size of the feed and it shows me the correct number of images in the album. I got the code from google developers guide:( NB: i tried the same exact code in a desktop app and worked perfectly. Thank you

EDIT: The problem is that the ALbumFeed is returning entries of class GPhotoEntry and not PhotoEntry. I searched online and the solution was to include the gdata-photos-meta.jar in my library which was already included...Any idea?

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Any trace in LogCat ? –  fiddler Sep 6 '12 at 14:05
well am new to android development, i checked the log for exceptions and so but nothing found...note that might help: the for loop is not entered but without throwing exceptions but keeps executing the rest of the code..thx @fiddler –  user1433460 Sep 6 '12 at 14:20
updated findings @fiddler –  user1433460 Sep 7 '12 at 12:33

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google's GData doesnt work with android. You should use google Client api and they say that there is a running sample for picasa on android.

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