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Sometimes when I Inspect Element in Google Chrome I find that I have some large frames, but they are filled with white space. Anyone know what often causes such large amounts of empty space? I have seen timers cause issues with extending the frames length but in the example below I am unsure why a frame would be so large.

Would love some help minimizing these =)

Empty Space

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This is documented here, see the 'About clear or light-gray frames' section. 'Clear frames' in question are described there as

Idle time between display refresh cycles.

According to this video, clear bar indicates browser waiting for a CPU or a GPU. There is nothing that developer can do to fix this when working on a 'standard' website.

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plusone for awesome video link, -1 for basically concluding that there is no solution –  itcouldevenbeaboat Mar 9 at 15:55
Perfect video url for the answer. –  Samar Panda May 15 at 9:58

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