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I need get status of users from contactlist. I use openfire server. On server i send following xml

<iq type="get" from="" id="3"><query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster"/></iq>

And get from server

<iq type="result" id="3" to=""><query xmlns="jabber:iq:roster"><item jid="" name="user1" subscription="both"><group>Friends</group></item></query></iq>

But no status.

How get user status?

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Did you read ? – unor Sep 7 '12 at 11:25

To get the Status you should use a presence Stanza.

The trust or access decision behind presence happens naturally in IM systems, because people you approve are automatically added to your contact list (called a roster in XMPP), which is typically the “home base” for any instant messaging or real-time communications application.

In addition, presence access is usually bidirectional: you allow a contact to see your presence, and your contact allows you to see his presence. This happens through a subscription “handshake”. If the handshake is completed successfully, the result is a bidirectional presence subscription between the two parties. (XMPP servers also add the contact to the user’s roster and add the user to the contact’s roster during this process, plus manage a state machine of subscription states, refer to [RFC 3921] for a full description.)

Let’s see how the subscription handshake works in practice. To request someone’s presence, you send him a subscription request, which is a stanza of type subscribe:

<presence from="alice@wonderland.lit" to="sister@realworld.lit" type="subscribe"/>

When the intended recipient receives your presence subscription request, he can either approve it (via a stanza of type subscribed) or deny it (via a stanza of type unsubscribed):

<presence from="sister@realworld.lit" to="alice@wonderland.lit" type="subscribed"/>

As you might imagine, to create a bidirectional presence subscription, the person who approved the original subscription request needs to send a subscription request of his own:

<presence from="sister@realworld.lit" to="alice@wonderland.lit" type="subscribe"/>

Typically, your client will auto-reply at this point, rather than asking you to manually approve the reverse request:

<presence from="alice@wonderland.lit" to="sister@realworld.lit" type="subscribed"/>

Once you are subscribed to another person’s presence, you will automatically be notified when the other party’s network or communications availability changes. This presence notification takes the form of a stanza with no type attribute (i.e., implicitly indicating availability):

<presence from="alice@wonderland.lit/rabbithole" to="sister@realworld.lit">
   <status>down the rabbit hole!</status>
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