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I am trying to install wamp server (following is the exact setup name) on windows 7, 64Bit OS. But it never starts, icon stays in orange color meaning some services did not start.


I have been searching from last 3hours but did not find any solution.

No skype, port 80 is not in use.

In windows services, when I try to start wampapache service manually, it throws following error:

Windows could not start the wampapache service on Local Computer. Error 1053: The service did not respond ot the start or control request in a timely fashion.

apache_error.log is empty.

Things use to work fine in windows XP.

May be this is a repeated thread, but I did go through similar posts in stackoverflow. But nothing worked!

Please help!!

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did you try running it as Administrator ? (Right click, run as administrator) –  Bgi Sep 6 '12 at 15:26
yes, but same result. –  Ram Sep 6 '12 at 15:29
Could it be some kind of missing dependency DLL for wampapache? Run Depends on the services that aren't starting and see if there is a side-by-side or missing DLL issue. Unless you've tried that already. –  strangefreeworld Sep 11 '12 at 11:57

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My solution to fix that problem was the following:

Start > search > cmd.exe (Run as administrator)

Inside the Command Prompt (cmd.exe) type:

cd c:/wamp/bin/apache/ApacheX.X.X/bin
httpd.exe -e debug

**Note that the ApacheX.X.X is the version of the Apache wamp is running.

This should output what the apache server is doing. The error that causes Apache from loading should be in there. My problem was that httpd.conf was trying to load a DLL that was missing or was corrupted (php5apache2_4.dll). As soon as I overwrote this file, I restarted Wamp and everything ran smooth.

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This helped me find that port 80 was not available, then the next answer finished the solution. –  Mike Lyons Oct 22 '14 at 20:44
I my case msvcr100.dll was missing and i downloaded from here "dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?msvcr100"; and placed in system32 folder. As soon as i place that file wamp icon turns green by its own !!! –  Gem Feb 4 at 7:37
Also SSL could have an issue. In httpd.conf comment # Secure (SSL/TLS) connections #Include conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf or it could fire: (OS 10048)Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. : AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address [::]:443 and (OS 10048)Only one usage of each socket address (protocol/network address/port) is normally permitted. : AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address –  Junior M Mar 4 at 0:02

I solved the problem this way:

  • On the orange WAMP icon, click Apache > Service > Test Port 80. Came back with "Port 80 not accessible -- (could be Skype)"
  • Sign out from Skype and close program.
  • Click orange icon and hit Apache > Service > Install Service
  • Click orange icon and hit Apache > Service > Start Service
  • Click orange icon and hit Put Online
  • Icon turns green and service is started and online
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All that you posted above plus checking Apache & Windows logs for other possible errors. (multiple Apache instances or other apps on port 80) –  danielpopa Jun 23 '14 at 13:31
This was the solution! SKYPE >:E –  Mike Lyons Oct 22 '14 at 20:44

Follow these steps (taken from this Youtube video).

  1. Quit Skype
  2. Uninstall IIS
    • Go to control panel
    • Look for INTERNET information service
    • Uninstall
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Here's a link if you don't want to close Skype: stackoverflow.com/questions/4705005/… –  Albert Hendriks May 20 at 12:35

Check your apache error log. I had this error "[error] (OS 5)Access is denied. : could not open transfer log file C:/wamp/logs/access.log. Unable to open logs" Then I rename my "access.log" to other name, you can delete if you don't need/never see your access log. Then restart your apache service. This happen because the file size too big. I think if you trying to open this file using notepad, it will not open, I tried to open that before. Hope it help.

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He says that his error_log is empty. –  Thilo Oct 5 '12 at 10:56
In my case (since apache never started properly) the error log file didn't exist yet. –  Mike Lyons Oct 22 '14 at 20:46

You can open the Windows event viewer to try to get more information about the errors : in the "Application" section of the Windows logs, there is a good chance you will find error messages from Apache. (At least I found what was wrong in my case there !)

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I navigated to C:\wamp\bin\apache\Apache2.4.4\bin run httpd and the apache (pink and white icon) loads into the system tray. The orange W also turned green.

The apacheapache service wasn't running, it wasn't on the services list (start > type services) which is why it's orange not green.

Solution: A re-install worked for me.

My version is: WAMPSERVER (64Bits & PHP 5.4) 2.4 Apache : 2.4.4 MySQL : 5.6.12 PHP : 5.4.12 PHPMyAdmin : 4.0.4 SqlBuddy : 1.3.3 XDebug : 2.2.3 http://www.wampserver.com/en/

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