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Is there any attribute for p:tooltip for direction as we get with rich:tooltip ? I essentially want my tooltip to show up at top right of an image. Not sure how to do that. The number of attributes present for p:tooltip seem to be very limited. Following is the code for richfaces.

<h:commandLink value="Simple Link" id="link">
<rich:toolTip followMouse="true" direction="top-right" mode="ajax" value="#{bean.toolTipContent}" horizontalOffset="5" 
    verticalOffset="5" layout="block">
    <f:facet name="defaultContent">
        <f:verbatim>DEFAULT TOOLTIP CONTENT</f:verbatim>

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There is none but feel free to create a feature request in PF issue tracker, it is quite easy to implement. – Cagatay Civici Sep 6 '12 at 23:15

Well this might be something for you?;jsessionid=14y1z1yedm21t910h6zonwboq

Primefaces ext has a really neat tooltip imo.

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