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We use a MM7 to send the request to MMSC for sending MMS. Receiving user has an Android phone and He doesn't get the MMS. But when Receiving user has a feature phone he gets the MMS.

Confusing here. please help.

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There is nothing you should specially handle on your MM7 message to make it work with Android.

What do you mean with "But when Receiving user has a feature phone he gets the MMS"? You can check following steps to troubleshoot.

  • Check if phone can receive multimedia messages from other sources, try to send a multimedia message to your android phone from another phone. If not, check MMS settings on your android phone.
  • Check status of message on MMSC side. If you can access server you can check network dump and extract your message.
  • Request for delivery reports while submitting your MM7 message
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