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I am using JQuery file upload demo for my next project with Codeigniter. Can anyone tell me how do I achieve the following :

  • Restricting upload file types to .zip and .rar
  • Restricting file size
  • Clearing the list of Uploaded files (JQuery file upload plugin displays the list of already uploaded files)

Help appreciated !!

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Make sure you also do all of these restrictions/validations on the server-side. –  Kevin B Sep 6 '12 at 15:47

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you probably have a plethora of solutions now, however I wanted to use the BASIC plugin for the jquery uploader, i.e. without any other scripts.. for some reason the maxFileSize/fileTypes options were not working - however that is mostly no doubt to my lack of reading the documentation!

Anyway for me, it was as quick as doing the following:

    add: function (e, data) {
        var goUpload = true;
        var uploadFile = data.files[0];
        if (!(/\.(gif|jpg|jpeg|tiff|png)$/i).test(uploadFile.name)) {
            common.notifyError('You must select an image file only');
            goUpload = false;
        if (uploadFile.size > 2000000) { // 2mb
            common.notifyError('Please upload a smaller image, max size is 2 MB');
            goUpload = false;
        if (goUpload == true) {

So just using the ADD option to only allow the image types in the regex, and checking (in my case) the file size is a max of 2mb.

Rather basic, and again I am sure the maxFileSize options work, just I am only including the basic plugin script jquery.fileupload.js

EDIT I should have added in my case I am uploading just one file (a profile image) so hence the data.files[0].. you could iterate through the files collection of course.

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Finally! I've been looking a lot for an example that worked. Thx :) –  william Mar 25 '13 at 13:00
@william You are welcome –  Dav.id Apr 5 '13 at 13:21
How would data.submit() work for multiple files? –  Hengjie May 5 '13 at 11:28
add is run per file. Therefore data.submit is only referring to one file. –  Hengjie May 6 '13 at 10:44
Thanks!!!) I spent a lot of time on it! –  ArxangelPlay May 7 '13 at 16:21

In jquery.fileupload-ui.js edit this part:

   $.widget('blueimp.fileupload', $.blueimp.fileupload, {

    options: {
        // The maximum allowed file size:
        maxFileSize: 100000000,
        // The minimum allowed file size:
        minFileSize: undefined,
        // The regular expression for allowed file types, matches
        // against either file type or file name:
        acceptFileTypes:  /(zip)|(rar)$/i,

To clear the list of uploaded files - Remove the $.getJSON call from main.js if you don't need that functionality.

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According to the official documentation;

    maxFileSize: 5000000, // Maximum File Size in Bytes - 5 MB
    minFileSize: 100000, // Minimum File Size in Bytes - 100 KB
    acceptFileTypes: /(zip)|(rar)$/i  // Allowed File Types
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try looking at this line :

 process: [
                    action: 'load',
                    fileTypes: /^image\/(gif|jpeg|png)$/,
                    maxFileSize: 20000000 // 20MB
                    action: 'resize',
                    maxWidth: 1920,
                    maxHeight: 1200,
                    minWidth: 800,
                    minHeight: 600

in jquery.fileupload-fp.js

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