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I try to use ID3lib from C++. I tested near 50 mp3 files and most often I get answer that files haven't any tags. But actually, they are there ( I check it using another software and it shows them properly)

Actually, I've done nothing, I'd only linked library and copied example from offficial documentation

 void next_try()
  ID3_Tag tag;

   ID3_Frame *frame;
    if ( frame = tag.Find ( ID3FID_TITLE ) )
       char title[ 1024 ];
       frame->Field ( ID3FN_TEXT ).Get ( title, 1024 );
       cout << "Title: " << title << endl;
     cout<<"not found\n";

And a file that does have tags http://zalil.ru/33733757

But I get answer that it hasn't tag. But it has!!! And it's not a single occurrence. I wonder whether this library really works.

Perhaps someone had experience with this library. Moreover I am confused, because there are links on the official page to the working projects, so it has been proven that library can work properly.
Thanks in advance for any tips.

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