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Does anybody know how to render an animation from QGraphicsView / QGraphicsScene out to a movie file format (AVI, MPG, MP4, MOV, something) on disk? I've seen examples for rendering the scene out to an image file with QPrinter. Any ideas on if rendering animations to movies is possible?

I suppose worst case would be to step frame-by-frame and save images, then combine the images into a movie with some external tool... Any better suggestions? Is it possible to do this from QT directly somehow?

Thanks! - Brian

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I think one of the ways is to use QPixmap for capturing the images,

QPixmap pixMap = QPixmap::grabWidget(view);  

Use QPixmap::toImage() to convert it to QImage.

And using QtFFmpegWrapper for creating the video directly from QImage.

You do not need to use an external tool. Just an external library.

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