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So I have a "section" and each section has a number of "nuggets". My model is this:

class Nugget(EmbeddedDocument):
    title = StringField(required=True)
    img = StringField(required=True)
    content = StringField(required=True)
    section = StringField(required=True)
    next_nugget = StringField(required=True)
    previous_nugget = StringField(required=True)

class Section(Document):
    meta = {"collection":"Sections"}
    title = StringField(required=True)
    nuggets = ListField(EmbeddedDocumentField(Nugget), default=list)

My question is how can I ensure that the nuggets are stored and retrieved in a particular order (lets say insertion order)? The most efficient way is to emulate a deque structure right? SO how can I do that with mongoengine? If that's possible can I use the SortedListField of mongoengine to have the same effect?

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The best way is to manage this in your application - always push to the list. Otherwise you have to ensure that you save (overwrite) the list in the order you want it to be in - the downsides of that are you have to be careful not to introduce a race condition in your code. For that reason I'd advocate just using a push operation - see: http://docs.mongoengine.org/en/latest/guide/querying.html?highlight=push#atomic-updates

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