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I have a JDK installation which has the \lib folder and I can see rt.jar present in it. Still when I call ant, it gives me an error Can't find rt.jar ....

I have got my basics right I think with JAVA_HOME and ANT_HOME pointing to the correct directories.

Also Path=JAVA_HOME/bin;ANT_HOME/bin;%Path%;

Any ideas?

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I fixed it by re-installing JDK and ANT. Not sure if this is really a solution, but I had ANT 1.8 and what looked like JDK 1.2.x (don't know how it existed on my system)

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Your path statement might work better like this:


Maybe it is finding a JRE in your path before the JDK

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thanks but I had typed it by memory. It was already in the order you have mentioned. – user1652654 Sep 7 '12 at 2:24

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