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I have written some bash scripts for some specific project based automation. I am using the Parameterized Build process for uploading a file as explained in this SO link. The issue is that I need to access the uploaded file from the scripts, but I am unaware of the location its been placed after upload.

Jenkins hints that the location would be relative to the workspace. I am not sure of what the workspace, in terms of Jenkins means. I tried a couple of options.. the trunk location, /users/$USER/workspace/, /users/$USER/workspace/[project_name]/

Could anyone help me with the same?

Thanks in advance.

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The Workspace is usually under the 'jenkins' folder, separated by job-names.

  • To find the exact location of your job's Workspace,
    simply echo the value of that parameter in your job:

    echo $WORKSPACE (for Unix/Linux/Mac)

    echo %WORKSPACE% (for Windows)

  • To use this location in your scripts, simply prepend it to the path of your file:

    ls -l $WORKSPACE/myFile.txt
    dir %WORKSPACE%\myFile.txt

Note it gets a bit tricky if you try to access the results of Job_AA from Job_BB,
as each is sitting in a different Workspace.
(You can access the Workspace of other jobs, but now Job_BB is dependent on the Name of Job_AA,
which is bad.)

For that I suggest using a shared location for all build-results, outside of Jenkins.

Good luck!

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Jenkins assumes that the path to the uploaded file will be prepended by the path to your build's workspace. You can specify your file location as either $WORKSPACE/path/to/file (Jenkins populates $WORKSPACE with the appropriate path for each build) or just path/to/file

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