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I have this method that return a list :

public List getPourcentageDivision() {
    List cs = null;
    try {                       

        org.hibernate.Transaction tx = session.beginTransaction();

        Query q = session.createSQLQuery("SELECT u.division,COUNT(c.id) AS nb_commandes FROM utilisateur u LEFT OUTER JOIN commande c ON c.utilisateur_id = u.id GROUP BY u.division");
        if(q.list().size() > 0)
        cs = q.list();            

    } catch (Exception e) {


    return cs;

like you see , every row return two attribute like it is in this query :

SELECT u.division,COUNT(c.id)

can you remember me how to access this data from this list, because I got into the habit if having List<MyClass> and it was easy to retrieve data but this time I am in front of a complex query to draw chart

How can I achieve this?

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Elements in result list are object arrays length of 2 (number of items in select statement). First element of array is value denoted by u.division and second one matches to COUNT(c.id)

for (Object[] row: (List<Object[]>) result ) {
    Object division = row[0];
    Object count = row[1];

With information provided it is not possible to tell type of division. Type of returned values can be observed by adding following (works of course only for non-null values):

System.out.println(division.getClass()); //u.division
System.out.println(count.getClass()); //COUNT(c.id)
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thank you, that is what I expected –  begiPass Sep 7 '12 at 7:40

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