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Given a method such as:

public void blit(int[] pos) {
   do stuff..

Is there a way to pass in a list of arguments without first declaring them?

For instance, in Python, I could do something like:

def blit(pos):


I can simply pass in a list that created specifically in the argument list. To do the equivalent in Java, it seems I have to first declare the array, and only then can I pass it to the method.

int[] coordinates = {20,50};

Which is not a huge deal, but it'd be handy if I could just do something like,


But that, of course, doesn't work. I've also tried creating the array inside of the call like,

blit(new int[] = {20,40});

But again, no luck. So, perhaps a terrible question, but is there a way to pass lists of arguments to a method that mimics in part the behavior of Python?

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You could do it in two ways:

blit(new int[] {20,40});

Or declare your method with varargs:

public void blit(int... pos) {}

and call it like this:

blit(20, 40);
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You were close:

blit(new int[] {20,40});
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I think you mean anonymous array creation:

blit(new int[] {20, 40});

am I correct?

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Yes, using the variable number of arguments syntax:

public void blit(Object ... args)

blit(10, 20, 30);

If you want to pass homogeneous arguments, then a List<type> should be preferred.

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Use this syntax:

blit(new int[]{20, 40});
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You can do something like

  blit(new int[]{5,10});
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Why don't you use List..............

blit(new List<Integer>());

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You could put a java.util.Map<String,Object> as the only argument of your method. (With key=name of the argument)

java.util.Map<String,Object> arguments=new HashMap<String,Object>();
List<Integer> positions=new ArrayList<Integer>();

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Call it as blit(new int[]{20,40});

For reference types, you can declare method whis varargs:

 public void blit(Integer... pos) {
    //do stuff..
 // and the array creation code will be inserted by the compiler:
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