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I see a lot of code with the following check in Hadoop:

if (LOG.isDebugEnabled()) { ...

I guess this is related with log4j? How can I enable Debug level logging in Hadoop?

I see a log4j property file in conf directory of Hadoop and I see some lines like these:

# Custom Logging levels


#log4j.logger.org.apache.hadoop.mapred.JobTracker=DEBUG #log4j.logger.org.apache.hadoop.mapred.TaskTracker=DEBUG #log4j.logger.org.apache.hadoop.fs.FSNamesystem=DEBUG

So is this a matter of uncommenting some entries here I guess?

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I guess this is what you are looking for stackoverflow.com/questions/4821134/hadoop-enable-logging –  Arun Manivannan Sep 6 '12 at 18:11

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