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What is wrong with this line?

if [ $(getprop | grep '[net.tcp.buffersize.default]:[4096,87380,110208,4096,16384,110208]') ]

it should return a true value if grep finds 'net.tcp.buffersize...' in the getprop output.

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The argument of grep is a regular expression. The characters [, ] and . have a special meaning, so the argument isn't interpreted literally. To look for a literal string, pass the -F option to grep. To look for a line that is exactly that string and no more, pass -F -x.

The way you test the outcome of grep doesn't make any sense. $(…) takes the output (i.e. the matching lines) and splits them into words (since there are no double quotes around $(…)). Then these words (which would be pieces of the getprop output) are parsed as conditionals for the [ builtin. To test whether some input contains a match with grep, test the return status of the grep command, and pass the -q option to suppress output.

if getprop | grep -q -F -x '[net.tcp.buffersize.default]:[4096,87380,110208,4096,16384,110208]'; then …
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There are two problems I can see:

  1. In the grep command, you need to escape the left square bracket
  2. The if statement does not need square bracket in this case

So, your statement should reads:

if getprop | grep '\[net.tcp.buffersize.default]:\[4096,87380,110208,4096,16384,110208]'


You also need to escape the dot:

if getprop | grep '\[net\.tcp\.buffersize\.default]:\[4096,87380,110208,4096,16384,110208]'

Or, as Gilles pointed out, you should use the -F to search for literal string instead of using regular expression.

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