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I am using a nested hash in Ruby, but the values_at method is not returning any data, and I cannot find out why.

j =  {"grandpa" => { "dad" => {"child 1" => {}, "child 2" => {} }, "uncle" => {"child 3" => {}, "child 4" => {} } } }
puts j.values_at("dad")

It does not print anything. I believe "child1" and "child2" should be printed, as they are both values of "dad".

If I run values_at for "grandpa" I receive the correct response of:

{"dad" => {"child 1" => {}, "child2" => {}}, "uncle" => {"child 3" => {}, "child 4" => {}}}

What am I missing about the format? Or do I just not understand nested hashes?

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According to the Hash#values_at documentation

Return an array containing the values associated with the given keys

The method doesn't know how to handle nested hashes. You'll need to navigate down to the hash level you want to search. For example:


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