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I am trying to validate user input to make sure that what they type (if anything - field is not required) is a number. Now I don't care what this number is, but it must be an integer. Negative, positive, whatever is validated later on. Here is my test sample so far:

var a=["",0,"0",-2,"-2",2,"2",-2.2,"-2.2",2.2,"2.2",-1,"-1",undefined,null,NaN,Infinity,-Infinity],x;

    console.log(a[x],(isNaN(+a[x]) || Math.round(+a[x]) != +a[x] || +a[x] === null || +a[x]+1==+a[x])?false:true);

If you run that in a console, it shows true for any element in a which would pass the validation, false otherwise. This validation works as expected for me in Chrome (false is shown for all decimals, and everything from undefined onward.

My question is, will this work in all major browsers (IE 6+ included), and have I completely checked this against every possible input?

As a note:

  • + is used in front of the a[x] for type-converting (and also trimming strings - " 2 " gets converted to 2.

  • The last check, +a[x]+1===+a[x] is what checks against (+/-)Infinity.

Thanks :) .

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Why don't you just check the major browsers? You seem to have covered pretty much everything. No JS quirks that I know of. – Some Guy Sep 6 '12 at 18:19

Try this function

function is_int(value){
   if((parseFloat(value) == parseInt(value)) && !isNaN(value)){
      alert("Is an Integer");
     } else {
      alert("Is not an Integer");

is_int(1); //Output - Is an Integer
is_int("a"); //Output - Is not an Integer
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