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I have a collection with embedded documents.

     System_Info: "automated",


          Tenant: [ 
                Tenant_Id: 1, 
                Tenant_Info: "check", 
                Prop_Info: ...
                 Tenant_Id: 2, 
                 Tenant_Info: "sucess", 
                  Prop_Info: ...
                  } ]

I need to update and set the field Tenant_Info to "failed" in Tenant_Id: 2

I need to do it using mongodb java. I know to insert another tenant information in the tenant array. But here I need to set the field using java code.

Could anyone help me to do this?

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Is the first line meant to read System: (with a colon) - i.e. it is a field in the document or is System the name of the collection? –  theon Sep 6 '12 at 20:10

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How about something like this (untested):

        "System.system_type.Tenant.Tenant_Id" : 2
        $set : {
            "System.system_type.Tenant.$.Tenant_Info" : "failed"

It should update the first nested document in the collection with a Tenant_id of 2 for all top level documents. If you need to target a specific top level document, you need to add it to the as field on the first object argument in the update call.

And the equivalent in Java:

BasicDBObject find = new BasicDBObject(
    "System.system_type.Tenant.Tenant_Id", 2

BasicDBObject set = new BasicDBObject(
    new BasicDBObject("System.system_type.Tenant.$.Tenant_Info", "failed")

coll.update(find, set);
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for future reference, adding targeting top level document: db.coll.update( { "System.system_type.Tenant.Tenant_Id" : 2, "System_Info" : "manual" }, { $set : { "System.system_type.Tenant.$.Tenant_Info" : "failed" } }, false, true ); –  Eyal Golan Jan 20 at 23:02

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