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I'm running windows 7 64 bit, latest version of TortoiseHg 64 bit, and the latest version of mecurial 64 bit is installed on windows server 2008. When I try to push my changes to the server, I get the following error:

c:\hg\staged>hg push staged pushing to \MyServer\hg\staging searching for changes adding changesets adding manifests transaction abort! rollback completed abort: Invalid argument c:\hg\staged>

This only happens over vpn and not when I am in office.

If I keep trying to push over vpn I eventually get it to commit but it normally takes me 3 to 4 times.

Does anyone know why this happens over vpn and how I can get around it?

thanks for any suggestions!

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I had to stop directly using TortoiseHg over vpn trying to commit to a mecurial repository on a shared network folder. It was just to slow and errored out. Instead, I connect to vpn, then remote desktop to a computer on the internal network that has visual studio on it and TortoiseHg and use this computer. This way I am directly on a pc within the internal network and now I have no problems or errors using TortoiseHg or mecurial. In short - TortoiseHg and mecurial for windows doesn't seem to work well directly over vpn. If you google you will find a few other posts stating this too.

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