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I want to detect if a new record was inserted or an old record was updated in afterSave(), but I have no idea how.

I thought about writing a config variable in the beforeSave() (where I can detect an insert, if the id isn't set) but maybe that's not a safe way of doing it.

Any ideas?

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You can do it using afterSave( $model, $created ) function.

Because, the second argument of the afterSave() function is Boolean and will true if a new row is created else it will gives you false.

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You are correct. Though, technically, he is using the afterSave( $model, $created ), just not implementing it properly if leaving the parameters out in his model. PHP 5.4 will throw a warning if it has been implemented as afterSave(). –  Scott Harwell Sep 6 '12 at 19:47

passing the id (when record updated) and saving it right after saveall or save can help too. for example; $this->set('id', $this->MyModule->id);

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