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I'm trying to generate java classes using JAXB from a schema in my class path. For CXF I generated java classes from a wsdl in my classpath like so:


I was hoping something similar existed with JAXB. I did try using a catalog but this seems to be more in line when a schema (stored in the same maven module) imports another schema in the classpath.

Any help would be appreciated! -Sal

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The CXF XJC Maven Plugin appears to support classpath:.

The XsdOption object is used to pass specific options and configuration for each XSD file that is to be processed.

The example on the site shows classpath: used in several ways in <xsdOption> paths for <xsd>, <bindingFile>, and <catalog> paths:

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Thanks! I googled and XJC didn't show up in my results. Worked like a charm! –  Sal Velazquez Sep 7 '12 at 14:37

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