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I'm a pretty seasoned rails dev but I'm kinda new to asset pipeline, and I had a question which is probably painfully simple. I wanted to play with the redactor js library, so I put the folder (which contains css and js files) into app/assets but I couldn't then just write

<%= javascript_include_tag "javascripts/redactor/redactor.min.js" %>

Rails kept saying it couldn't find the file. I eventually just moved it to the public folder, but my question is ... does everything that goes in lib/assets, vendor/assets or app/assets have to be precompiled (or referenced in a manifest) to be used?

PS: This is in the development btw. I have

config.assets.compress = false
config.assets.debug = true

set in development.rb

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Yes, you have to precompile it. You can add it to the precompiled assets in production.rb which means you don't need a manifest file that only references one other file.

config.assets.precompile += %w( redactor.min.js )

You can use the unminified version in development which will help you find bugs. It will minify automatically in production.

Fint out more about the asset pipeline here.

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