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I'm trying to get a sum of columns in propel. My code

$c = new Criteria();
$c->add(valuePeer::OWNER_ID, $this->getId());
$c->addSelectColumn('SUM(' . valuePeer::VALUE . ') as total');

$sum = valuePeer::DoSelect($c);

printing out $sum returns nothing (not even an empty object). all i get is Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /.../lib/model/om/BaseValue.php on line 203 Notice: Undefined offset: 2 in /.../lib/model/om/BaseValue.php on line 204

I tried this approach with ::DoSelectRS($c) as suggested here and multiple other discussions but i get an error : Fatal error: Call to undefined method ValuePeer::DoSelectRS() in /.../lib/model/Restauracia.php on line 39.

Can anyone please tell me what is the right approach on this then?

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2 Answers

Why don't you use the new ModelCriteria instead of the old verbose one ?

$sum = ValueQuery::create()
  ->withColumn('SUM(Value.Value)', 'total')

Will return something like:

  array('total' => 25)
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i just found this solution. it works like i needed.

$c = new Criteria();
$c->add(valuePeer::OWNER_ID, $this->getId());
$c->addSelectColumn('SUM(' . valuePeer::VALUE . ') as total');

$sum = valuePeer::DoSelectStmt($c)->fetchAll(PDO::FETCH_COLUMN,0);
$sum = $sum[0];
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