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I have started dabbling with Facebook Graph api fairly recently. I have defined a custom action 'Start' with the namespace 'Test', here is the code I use to for posting to Facebook.

FB.api('/me/Test:start',{ article : currentURL, message: $j('.subject-content h2 a').html()}, 'post', function(response) {

                                  if (!response || response.error) {
                                       console.log('Error  '+response.error.message);
                                  else {
                                       console.log('Message was posted! (post id: ' + + ")");

for some reason this post fails the first time, but on subsequent tries, the post succeeds.

Here are the requests I captured from firebug.


        access_token    xxxxx
        article https://testserver:8080/xxx
        callback    FB._callbacks.__gcb2
        message testpage
        method  post
        pretty  0
        sdk joey   


    access_token    yyyy
    article https://testserver:8080/xxx
    callback    FB._callbacks.__gcb6
    message testpage
    method  post
    pretty  0
    sdk joey

As you can see the calls are exactly the same. The first time I get this response

/**/ FB._callbacks.__gcb4({"error":{"message":"An unknown error has occurred.","type":"OAuthException","code":1}});

I tried the same requests on the graph explorer as well, it works every single time.

Am I doing something wrong? Any help would be great.

Thanks in advance.

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The error you're getting wasn't clear from the Question, that said:

I'm reasonably sure using localhost object URLs isn't going to work, you should test with a domain that's accessible by Facebook's crawler - the crawler needs to read the page and the meta tags on it to create the object in Facebook's graph

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Thanks for your response, I am not using localhost. I am testing this on a public domain. I just replaced the test environment url's with dummy url's – Shashi Sep 7 '12 at 2:09
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Fixed the issue. I was executing two post request simultaneously and this one would consistently keep failing, so I thought there was some problem with this request.

FB.api('/me/Test:start .... );
FB.api('/me/feed .... );

I don't know what the problem was but when I separated these two requests. Everything worked as expected.

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