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I have done grouping of the grid by giving groupindex = 0 to a column.

now the data appears inside the group name.

For example, if I am grouping by means of persons name and the orders details made by that particular person then the details of orders would come if the arrow besides the person's name is clicked.

now when I am clicking on the header fields to sort, it is sorting the data inside the groupContent but it is not used for sorting the data of groupsummary

I am showing all the totals as a part of group summary besides the person's name.

Please do suggest me options to work out this problem.


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NO, this is not the answer to my problem. LIke the example which you suggested .. it is grouping by means of city ..and you can sort by means of city. .wat about if you click the Country and if you want to sort by Country .. i m showing ..suppose country also inside the summary . .and i want to sort by means of country also. .it is not working .. –  Ruchi Rahul Doshi Sep 28 '12 at 19:19

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