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Im creating a program that uses Dijksrtras algorithm, im using nodes that represent cities on an imported map, and you can create edges between two cities on the map. My problem is every edge has a "weight" where it will represent distance in minutes and i have a function where i want to see the distance between the two edges.

But i keep getting the error "Cannot cast from Stad to Edge" at the line

Edge<Stad> selectedEdge = (Edge) fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue();

where "Stad" represents the city and "Edge" an edge.

FormVisaförbindelse fvf = new FormVisaförbindelse(); for(;;) { try { int svar = showConfirmDialog(null, fvf, "Ändra Förbindelser", JOptionPane.OK_CANCEL_OPTION); if (svar != YES_OPTION) return; if (fvf.visaFörbLista.isSelectionEmpty() == true) { showMessageDialog(mainMethod.this, "En Förbindelse måste valjas.","Fel!", ERROR_MESSAGE); return; }

Edge<Stad> selectedEdge = (Edge) fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue();
FormÄndraförbindelse faf = new FormÄndraförbindelse();

for(;;) {
  try {
    int svar2 = showConfirmDialog(mainMethod.this, faf, "Ändra Förbindelse", OK_CANCEL_OPTION);
    if (svar2 != YES_OPTION) return;
    List<Edge<Stad>> edges = lg.getEdgesBetween(sB, sA);
    for (Edge<Stad> edge : edges) {
      if (edge.getNamn()==selectedEdge.getNamn()) {
  } catch(NumberFormatException e) {
    showMessageDialog(mainMethod.this, "Ogiltig inmatning.","Fel!", ERROR_MESSAGE);
  // etc
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What line is the error occurring on? Is this a compilation or a runtime error? If it's a runtime error, what's the full stack trace? –  Jeffrey Sep 6 '12 at 21:20
I guess fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue(); returns a Stad? –  Daniel Fischer Sep 6 '12 at 21:21
I get the error on (Edge) fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue(); (Cannot cast from Stad to Edge) –  user1612725 Sep 6 '12 at 21:24
What about Edge<Stad> selectedEdge = (Edge<Stad>) fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue();? –  Bill Sep 6 '12 at 21:29
Please format your code before posting it on SO –  brimborium Sep 7 '12 at 9:39

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Of course you cannot convert from Stad to Edge. Think about it: your fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue() returns a Stad. There is no way to convert a Stad, to an Edge because they are completely different things. (eg. one is generic the other is not).

You want to navigate to an existing Edge Then make sure Stad has a list of Edge, then call the appropriate getter. eg.: fvf.visaFörbLista.getSelectedValue().getEdgeList().getSomeEdge()

If you can't navigate (call getters) from a Stad to its Edges then you should get a list of all the edges (it seems your lg variable has them), and select the edge you need.

Short version: you are getting a city and trying to convert it to an edge, this is not possible, because a city is fundamentally different from an edge (eg. an edge should connect two cities). Don't try to convert it to an edge, try to GET the edge you need.

ps: if you only need the city-name for the edge, it's absolutely unnecessary to cast (convert) just get the name of the city and you should be good

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